No, you don’t need a PhD to come aboard. But you do have to indeed share a similar perspective on men’s style, culture and lifestyle that we do.

  1. Must be at least 27 years of age or older
  2. Knowledge of the WordPress CMS Platform
  3. Strong command of the English language
  4. Access to Adobe CC (optional)
  5. Unique writing style
  6. High interest in our subject matter

About The Positions

Vouch currently has both freelance and permanent openings for writers (not “Guest Posts“), in a wide selection of categories. This is an unpaid position but comes with some really cool perks. First of all, you get maximum exposure to showcase your talents. Not only will our loyal audience see your work, but a number of brands will as well. You’ll also get a piece of the pie anytime we receive gifts and be a part of our seasonal giveaways. Send us a detailed article of writing or works you have published at least 500 words or more Along with your Name, location and qualifications. (Remote writers accepted).

Writer Categories
  1. Style
  2. Auto (Behind The Wheel)
  3. Gear & Tech
  4. Sports
  5. Health & Fitness
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