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Shwood Channels Their Inner Ralph Waldo Emerson

1500 1000 David Ferretti

Leading the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century, Ralph Waldo Emerson was undoubtedly one of the greatest American essayist, lecturers,…

Sunglasses That Pay Homage To 16th Century Wood Working Techniques

1500 1000 Eric Gardner

The Eugene Marquetry Emphasis On Traditional Craftsmanship by Shwood Winter might be slowly making its way to a city near…

Shwood Updates The Canby Model With Stained Glass

960 640 Staff Writer

Since the beginning, the Canby model has been Shwood‘s flagship model – and for very good reason. The classic wayfayer styling…

The Making of: Shwood A/W’15 Oxidized Sunglasses Collection

960 640 Staff Writer

Experiments with elemental reaction and inspired by the worn-in aesthetic. The Oxidized Collection harnesses one of nature’s most beautiful elemental…

Shwood Unveils Its Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

960 640 Eric Gardner

Looking to upgrade your shades with a touch of nature, well look no further than pioneer brand in wooden eyewear…

Shwood for Atlantic Records Limited Edition Capsule Collection

960 640 Brandon Harris

With over 65 years of recorded music history, Atlantic has built a legacy introducing some of the most influential artists…