The One Gift She Won’t Be Expecting On Valentines Day

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The age old question of what to by your significant other for Valentines Day is often one most men struggle…

Ellen von Unwerth Shoots An Erotic Tale of Trauma In Black & White

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A Brief Glance At The 2016 Miss Reef Calendar

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For When Days At The Office Are Really Boring. — The Struggle Is Real More often than not, the day-to-day…

Emilia Clarke Is The Sexiest Woman Alive

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[tps_header] Photo: Esquire Even if you didn’t know who Emilia Clarke was before the hit HBO series Game of Thrones,…

Charlotte McKinney Named GQ’s Girl of Summer

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A hot girl, in a bikini, on the beach = drool, fighting temptation and a long day of fascinating. As…

The Marilyn Monroe “Red Velvet” Photo Is Up For Grabs

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1952 calendar / pose #01 No name defined the 1950’s more than Marilyn Monroe. She was larger than life, a…

Emily Ratajkowski & More for W Magazine’ Privacy Settings

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The allure of a Super Model is simply undeniable. Ask any guy and we’re sure he’ll tell you that Emily…

DATE ETIQUETTE: Five Things Not To Do On The First Date

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If you remember, I recently wrote an editorial on places you should go for your first date-this time around, I’m playing…