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Hartford Hawaiian Print Swim Trunk

Getting a taste of summer weather recently brought on the idea of stocking up on beach related garments, because no one wants to be caught out near the water without the proper attire. If you were ever looking to add a bit of color into that warm temperature ensemble, look no further than these multi-toned swim trunks ... Read More
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IVI Eyewear x Keith Hufnagel | The Standard

Super and Bell & Ross, both established frame aficionados we've come to enjoy over the past several seasons. Staking their claim amongst contemporary giants within the field is IVI who continue to break the mold on casual as well as optical eyewear. The brand has now teamed up with legendary pro-skater and sports ... Read More
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Left Field NYC Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook

Left Field NYC were kind enough to send over imagery from their latest spring/summer 2013 Lookbook. For native New Yorker's, you might know your way around the urban backdrop, but for those who don't, the shoot took place in and around Left Field's homebase of Ridgewood, NY, as ... Read More
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St Goliath Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook

Although it has only been a little over a week since we last took to highlighting items from the fashion realm, that is considered almost an eternity here. So today I thought it would be nice to seek out a well rounded label that exemplifies some of the characteristics we enjoy seeing in menswear. That search lead me ... Read More

BNV 4 Eye Summit & Moccasin

A great shoe begins with great leather and Indonesian based footwear brand BNV enters the spring/summer 2013 season with updated versions of their popular 4 Eye Summit and Moc silhouettes. This shoe in all its details reveals a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and of great attention to details ... Read More
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Menswear by Harry Stedman

Intrigued by this selection of imagery, today I wanted to showcase some of the looks from Harry Stedman, a London based label which I find particularly interesting. The very nature of the photography is what caught my attention from the outset as the urban landscape offers the perfect backdrop to a defined ... Read More
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Brixton S/S’13 Looks

I've always been a huge fan of brands who keep a specific outlook on the market, and in turn create menswear that caters to their respective demographics. For the longest, we've chosen to highlight the high-end labels that appeal to us, but here I wanted to share with you on the site, a brand that needs no real ... Read More