Rouge C6 Carbon Urban Commuter Bike

Typical commuter bikes don’t even come close to the Rouge C6, and is highly innovative construction proves it. The brainchild of David Lupafya, it features a proprietary combination of High Modulus Unidirectional and 3k woven carbon fiber frame and fork with a ... Continue Reading

Vintage Industrial Hure Crank Table

Phoenix based furniture company Vintage Industrial draws its inspiration from mid-century design and their Hure Crank Table exemplifies a more masculine approach to interior design. All of the brands furniture is designed and made in Phoenix using made-in-the-USA components such as steel ... Continue Reading

Water Fall Hydration Filter by KOR

Water Fall by KOR is the brand’s first at-home water filtration product, bringing style and hydration to all homes. With it’s unique and sophisticated design, Water Fall by KOR is a modern twist to a water pitcher, acts as storage for fresh ... Continue Reading

A Brief Glance At The Work of LIFE.STYLE.

Los Angeles-based interior design company LIFE.STYLE. is the brainchild of Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl. Wollack, Founder and Lead Designer, launched the creative collective six years ago after working as a fashion executive at Ralph Lauren in New York City and Los ... Continue Reading

Black Bean Deli by Makr

Black Bean Deli by Makr

The team from Makr (Makr Carry Goods), has continuously pushed out some highly inspiring pieces ranging from small accessories, to more heavy duty carriers for everyday use and even items for the home. But recently, they’ve showcased their design prowess by way ... Continue Reading

MjÖlk Book Volume III

MjÖlk Book Volume III

Get your cup of Joe and a nice comfortable chair ready as renown Architect Firm Studio MjÖlk has just released the third installment of their publication. The new issue explore the world of the Japanese Tea Ceremony with an exploration of Japanese ... Continue Reading

Sorapot 2 by Joey Roth

The Sorapot 2 by design studio Joey Roth, is really a marvel just to look at. An upgraded version of its predecessor and four years in the making, this simple yet highly functional modern Teapot design is constructed from stainless steel and ... Continue Reading