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Tony Logan

My name is Tony Logan and I enjoy long walks in the park and muffins. But seriously I love muffins. I enjoy fashion, I'm a fashion designer and creative director behind "Tonys Thrift" and I enjoy blogging in my free time!

Artist Profile Cane Music And Style

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[divider]It Ain’t All About Music[/divider] Fashion has always been synonymous with hip-hop, thanks to pioneers such as Run DMC, Jay…

Season Essentials: Cotopaxi Bengal Oxford Waxed Canvas Field Jacket

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You can never have enough jackets for the autumn season, and with the chilly mornings, windy afternoons and brisk nights…

Beautiful Giant Varsity Jackets

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Based in Los Angeles, Beautiful Giant is a new emerging brand that’s making its way to the forefront. Founded in…

Season Essentials: Manjze Wingtips Boots

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Classic footwear never fades or goes out of style and wingtips are a true testament to this. Limited to not…

Chris Cardi Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

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Even though fall is in full swing, one only knows that these chilly mornings are only the tip of the…

Fashion Art & Design Georgetown Recap

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Washington DC has become more of a creative melting pot over the years and no area proves this to be…

Profile: Cobbler Union

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The tradition of a cordwainer (a shoe maker who makes and repairs shoes by hand) seems to have vanished in…

adidas Originals Campus 80’s “Animalistic”

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Getting in touch with its wild side, Adidas Originals releases their Campas 80’s “Animalistic” silhouettes. The collection includes two versions: one…