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Tony Logan

My name is Tony Logan and I enjoy long walks in the park and muffins. But seriously I love muffins. I enjoy fashion, I'm a fashion designer and creative director behind "Tonys Thrift" and I enjoy blogging in my free time!

The Power That Comes with Having Good Taste & Style

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Let’s start off by saying style is subjective. What good style is to me might not translate to your definition…

Season Essentials: Life After Denim Hachiko Henley

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Highlighting one of our favorite must have summer pieces, the Hachiko Henley. Let’s be honest, summer isn’t our favorite season…

Everything You Need To Know About Men & Shopping

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There was a time long, long ago when being a “fashionable conscious” male wasn’t always seen or viewed as an…

The Must Have Season Essential: SeaVees 7 Eye Trail boot

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[tps_header] When we think about California a few things automatically come to mind, such as the weather, beautiful women, and…

The Holiday Hook-Up: A Gentlemen’s Guide To Holiday Dating

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The holidays are steadily approaching, and while your family is preparing for that special dinner, spending yet another holiday season…

A Conversation With: Marcus Paul The Ultimate Style Aficionado

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  The Definition of “Style Aficionado” From Top Athletes To Award Winning Recording Artist To say fashion is a passion…

Interview: A Chat With Coach Gaines from Search + Rescue

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Based in Philadelphia, Search and Rescue is a brand that prides themselves in creating a unique shopping experience for antique…

3 of The Best Travel Journals Every Man Should Own

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Alright men, let’s face it — We may not talk as much as the opposite sex, but we damn sure…