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A Man’s Guide to the History & Creation of Rock & Rye Whiskey

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Just in case you were wondering what actually makes a good Whiskey. Given the history of Whiskey, which dates back…

How To Wear Matching Related Garments Socks and Underwear

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By now you already know that matching certain colors makes for a better presentation when it comes to shirting and…

Hat Tips: How To Make The Harper’s Bet Whiskey Cocktail

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I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has a history of more than 100 years of style and recently returned to…

Gone Too Soon: Music Icon Prince Passes Away at 57

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Now we truly know the reason why Dove’s Cry, and it’s a sad day for the entire world. In a…

The Magnificent Seven Official Trailer is Here

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Denzel Washington leads a stellar cast in the re-make of the 1960’s classic, and teams back up with Antoine Fuqua.…

Hat Tips: How To Cook The Perfect Indoor Steak

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Mastering the perfect steak isn’t just about choosing the best cut of meat, and if you thought it was —…

Style Pick: J.Crew Summerweight Ludlow Cotton Linen Blazer

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Spring is in full effect, which means wardrobe changes, which means swapping out all of those heavyweight garments for lighter…

Feast Your Eyes on The Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo Yacth

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[tps_header] 14 meters long, pushing out 960hp, and spacious enough to accommodate up to 10 of your best buddies. Gathering…