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Brandon Harris

One of the most unique individuals you'll ever meet, largely because I enjoy having discussions about any and everything. A rigorous passion for fashion and fast cars, plus ... I won't eat up all the food if you invite me over for Sunday Football.

Tom Cruise Stars In The Official 2017 Trailer for The Mummy

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Tom Cruise Stars In The Official 2017 Trailer for The Mummy NO BRENDAN FRAISER BUT HEY … IT COULD BE…

Power Tactical Weather Proof Plasma Lighter

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Getting lost while driving is one thing, you can overcome that with relative ease. Discovering you made the wrong turn while out in the middle of nowhere, now …

Gear Grab: Thousand Helmets Stylish Heritage Collection

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Helmets are designed for one thing and one thing only — protecting your head — and making sure that if you do have a mishap while riding, you don’t walk …

All Black Everything Victor Axe Charcoal Collection

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Men like to do manly stuff, you know, like chopping wood to get the testosterone going. Or, maybe you need a new pile of logs for the fireplace. In either …

Buy This: The Scout Utility Shirt by Batch Mens

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Making the transition from Fall to Winter, which has been extended a bit thanks to some rather above average temperatures, is sort of an exercise in futility …

Awl & Sundry Just Made The Perfect Reversible Belt

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Handcrafted by Italian craftsmen and made in the same factory that makes belts for some of the most renowned luxury brands in the world, these belts …

This 1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider Is Up for Grabs

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Quite possibly the most iconic mid-century Ferrari road car and certainly the most glamorous, this open-top sports car is not only universally appealing, …

EDC: Olivers Apparel x Jack & Mulligan Hathaway Duffel

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Whether you’re heading to the gym for a quick 30 minute workout, or need a little more space to carry clothing and important documents, the duffel bag …