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Eric Gardner

Definitely a connoisseur of all things interesting. Writer, creative and aspiring photographer with a passion for menswear.

Blade and Bow At The 142nd Running of The Kentucky Derby

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So what do you drink if you’re in need of a something different while you’re at the Kentucky Derby? —…

Ushering in A New Age of The Sportswear Jacket

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Nike sees sport as a way of life, which is why transformative properties underlie a number of Nike’s most experimental…

Can This Backpack Make Your Outfit Look Better?

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Handmade in Transylvania and the leather is Top Grain Italian leather. Aside from the all important briefcase and a good…

Brad Pitt’s Character from “Snatch” is About To Get A Television Series

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Drunk most of the time, okay who are we kidding, all the time, but had a mean left hook. If…

A First Look At The BMW Individual 7 Series THE NEXT 100 YEARS

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BMW is celebrating it’s 100th year in the automotive industry this year and to commemorate the occasion, they’ve officially unveiled…

3 Men’s Skincare Myths Debunked with ManCave

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You’ve heard it all, “you should do this, you really shouldn’t do that”, and “don’t ever, ever try this before…

On Autopilot: Why The Tesla Model S Just Got Even Better

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You’re getting the best of both worlds — clean and efficient — followed up by a smooth ride and contemporary…

An Introduction To American Made Supply Co.

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[tps_header] The definition of superior American made casual wear without taking shortcuts. The word “Americana” is usually used when one…