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Beau Hayhoe

Beau Hayhoe

Beau is a fashion PR pro and freelance style blogger based in Brooklyn. He's contributed to a number of prominent men's fashion outlets, including Dappered, Effortless Gent and Genteel Flair. He maintains a #menswear-focused blog, The Style Guide and enjoys a great beer (outside of working hours, of course).

Road-Ready Seasoned Gear by Tanner Goods

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Whether you hit the road every weekend for getaways or adventures, or you’re more commonly found commuting to and from…

Watch The Throne: A Timepiece With Bostonian Roots

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The utility of an investment-worthy watch is hard to overlook. Grab a crisp, clean, classic timepiece, and you’re ready for…

A Trio of Style: Pendleton, 3sixteen & The Woodlands

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For all those times this early spring when you need much more than a slim white henley or a pocket…

Have Another Round: Time & Oak Refining Everyday Whiskey

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Having a refined drink — say, a nice whiskey — at the end of the day should be rewarding, and it’s one…

ListaPost: The App That Let’s You Save Stuff From Instagram

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Especially in the world of men’s fashion and gear, photos can serve as outstanding sources of inspiration for future purchases,…

Next-Level Comfort: Mott & Bow Has Your New Spring Denim

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Finding the right pair of go-anywhere, do-anything dark denim can sometimes be difficult — after all, plenty of retailers offer…

Bundle Up: The Best Men’s Boots To Survive Winter In Style

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It’s getting hard out there for most of us this winter. The snow keeps coming, the weather gets chillier and chillier, and…

Everything You Need To Know About Alps & Meters Winter Gear

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In situations where some might see only rows and rows of overly technical gear lacking personality, the team at Alps…