7 Essentials Every Guy Needs To Build A Superb Man Cave

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7 Essentials Every Guy Needs To Build A Superb Man Cave



It is hard to find a man that, at some point in his life, didn’t think to himself how it would be cool to have a man cave.

Whether it’s one small room or the whole apartment, it’s important what it gives to an individual. Every man who decides to build his cave wants his privacy, a place where he can relax, enjoy himself, and sometimes both simultaneously.

Creating a space where one can feel comfortable and peaceful is another step to achieving personal harmony. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or in a casual relationship – the man cave is a perfect place to unwind after a long day or enjoy Sunday Football with the crew, watch a movie, or just relax in a silent atmosphere. If you decide to go down this route, make sure to be involved in the design of your Cave. There aren’t any limits on how it should look. You are the one that will occupy It the most so it should be tailored to your taste.

Disregarding the last sentence for a minute, there are some things that you will definitely regret not having in your little piece of paradise. Here is a list of 7 essential things for a superb man cave.

Get The Proper Television

This item is inevitable for any man cave. Choose it carefully, because it will be needed for Sunday evenings for football games, movies, and many other needs. It is important to be close enough to the chairs and you may ensure it to move if you want to set up a view properly.

We suggest the Sony Z9D 4K HDR | $5,500

The Bar & Fridge

It will be very practical for you not to move around the house searching for food or drink; you can just simply put it in your own fridge and take when you need it. The fridge may be a little one, and a bar can be an improvisation of your own. It is, though, important for you to take care of its hygiene so that food will not breakdown.

Here’s a cool one by Whiskey Cartel | $2,350

The Must Have Bookshelf

Even if you are not hanging out with books so often, make a little bookshelf with your favorite titles. You might want to expand it, as the time passes. The bookshelf can be a nice place to put different gifts and some other details. You can look at it as another way to personalize the space and make it unique.

Scoop up this one from Restoration Hardware | $3,300

Extra Seats for The Guys

As you can imagine, having a man cave is often a luxury. When your friends hear about it, they will definitely want to put it to good use. You can never predict how many people is going to drop by, so it is better for you to have some additional seats. You may put some of it in front or TV, and other around the bar, so you can combine both when you need it.

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The All Important Bed

Make it comfortable, it is the only thing that matters. You might not want to turn on the TV every time. Sometimes, you just want to lie down, enjoy the silence, and have fun with your own thoughts. Of course, hide a blanket inside. If nothing else, the afternoon naps can be very relaxing, especially in a safe and comfortable environment.

Grab this one from Restoration Hardware | $3,395

DIY Tools To Save You Cash

This is another way to customize this space and give it that unique look. If you are not a crafty person yourself, you can always try to refer to a friend who is creative, so he/she can design some things for your space. This will surely spare you some money, and it is always nice to have some custom made details.

Try this set from Home Depot | $70

Pool Table & Entertainment

You will surely need some social games involved when your company comes over. Whether it is a pool bar, table football, or even board games, ensure that you have a chance to have fun besides the technology. It will bring a unique atmosphere and fun into your corner.

Try this one from Ozone Billiards | $1,750

There are a lot of different man caves ideas out there but you will notice that a lot of them have most of the things from this list. A place where you are perfectly happy alone that quickly transforms into a party area when the need arises, you can’t ask for much more than that.

Contributed by Dominik Schwab from Fataldose.