Upton Is Re-Defining The Most Forgotten Men’s Accessory

Upton Is Re-Defining The Most Forgotten Men’s Accessory

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casual_lookbook_gallery_7-2The belt is unquestionably one of the most essential elements to any guy’s wardrobe, the making of quality belts on the other hand is somewhat of a lost art.

Say what you will but the last time you checked to see if your belt was made with Horween Leather or stitched by hand was probably never. It’s not your fault, considering the simplicity of the accessory itself and the fact that since you paid an arm & leg for the last one you purchased, you figured it was manufactured pretty well.

We hate to break it to you but, NO, it more than likely wasn’t. And, more than likely if you check to see where it was made, it definitely wasn’t in America.

For as much as your watch speaks to your personal style, so does your belt. Slim, chunky, over-sized buckles — all say who you are and what you’re about. Style conscious men know all to well the difference between a well-made belt and one that partly machine manufactured. Leave it to Houston, TX. based Upton and they’ll tell you that the perfect belt is the one that comes from a pair of steady Lone Star hands, and that if perfection is subjective they respectfully disagree.


The collection by Upton is divided into three stylish options to choose from: Sport, Casual and Dress. The Ward merges athletic ideals with a timeless look that would stop Arnold Palmer in his tracks. And, like The King, it will never go out of style. The Knox is meticulously crafted to your specifications, and each belt is individually numbered to ensure that no two are alike, while the Duke features an air of sophistication that will pair perfectly with your formal attire.

Each is available now online | $110-$130

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