Meet Camillo Love: The Man Who’s Changing Denim One Cut At A Time

Meet Camillo Love: The Man Who’s Changing Denim One Cut At A Time

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When you decide to get on the hunt for a new pair of jeans, there are obvious factors that come into play which will influence your final decision. One of them will ultimately be the overall construction, and more importantly — the fit and cut.

Now, without question, those two factors play a major role how much you’re willing to pay for a single straight leg or slim fit pair of denim, but there’s also one more important note that shouldn’t be overlooked, and that would be who is actually making the jean itself. Let’s face it, you most certainly wouldn’t let your barber attempt to put a new alternator belt on you’re car, so it goes without saying that you’d probably prefer a well rounded designer to be behind the making of your jeans.

Camilo Love hard at work perfecting the iconic denim jean.

Camilo Love hard at work perfecting the iconic denim jean.

The Man Behind Red Cotton Denim

Camilo Love isn’t your typical denim maker, not in the least. While stationed in Japan on the USS Kitty Hawk as an engineer in 1999 with the Navy, he found a new appreciation for American made products considering how much the Japanese valued the quality handmade American goods. Upon his return to the states, working a few odd jobs, and dating a woman that actually turned out to be a denim designer, Love thought he would put his engineering skills to use. A chance meeting with a San Francisco based denim manufacturer and a denim maker by way of Oakland, CA., who would go on to share the knowledge of about denim and the machines behind the making of jeans, Love took his new found inspiration and began Red Cotton Denim.

“When I realized how much time and money it would take, I dedicated myself to saving every penny for machines and learning every part of the business from design, construction, pattern making to selecting fabric and selling my jeans” — says Love about his humble beginnings. “I started making custom jeans for women and figured out a lot about tailoring and fit. But it was always my guy friends asking me for jeans, and up to this point, I had only been making men’s jeans for myself. I had my Johnny B Good pattern graded so I could easily make jeans for friends when they asked.”


Making The Best Damn Jeans On Earth — All by Hand

The hard work, time and effort Love has put into his craft has payed off as only a few months ago he received his first order of from a store in San Francisco. And what goes into his jeans is nothing but the best, from hand-sewn Cone Mills denim to the hand stamped leather patches. The Red Cotton Denim collection is comprised of four different cuts including Indigo Selvedge Slim Straight made from 12 oz American indigo Selvedge denim with a slim straight cut through the leg and four pockets, Slim Tapered, Black Selvedge and a Black Selvedge Slim Tapered jean. And every pair is handmade and iron branded by Camillo Love himself.

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