G2 Bison Bag: A Sleeping Bag & Hammock All In One

G2 Bison Bag: A Sleeping Bag & Hammock All In One

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Aside from marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate so you can make a boat load of Smores, you’re also going to need the necessary essentials for survival when planning an outdoor trip.  That means being sure your gear is up to par, and, having a reasonably comfortable place to rest after a long hike. The all important sleeping bag has been around and used for ages, but the G2 Bison Bag takes things to a whole other level. An updated version of the original, this Hammock + Sleeping Bag takes cues from its predecessor (the G1), but incorporates a few more savvy innovations. Completely revamped, its exterior is now made from 100% polyester which reduces any separation between the bag and hammock. An additional gap in-between the hammock and bag creates triple layer insulation so you won’t freeze when the temperature decides to drop. Equipped with rope and carabiners, and considering everything roles up into one, it’s travel ready and lightweight.

G2 Bison Bag is available now online $90

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