Meet The Icon 1964 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab

Meet The Icon 1964 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab

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[tps_header]DYI projects are what you could call the modern day version of a by-gone era — the rebirth of the industrial revolution — when machinery was just entering the picture but two greasy hands still made the best of things. So if you’ve decided to do a complete overhaul of a vintage 1960’s truck, chances are, you could learn a thing or two from Johnathon Ward, founder of ICON. Custom one-off’s aren’t meant to re-invent the wheel, but you’d be hard pressed to find any other classic interpretation of vintage rides such as those from Icon.

From the TR to the FJ Series, BR and even their E-Flyer II model, the production models are simply one-of-a-kind. The same can be said for the latest undertaking, a true man version of what you’d want your truck to look like.

Based off a Dodge MegaCab 4×4, the 1964 Power Wagon Crew Cab is everything you would expect and more, or at least with all the bells and whistles that Ward and his team usually equip on their unique takes on classics. The Knobs and dash panels, latches and rear view mirrors have all been covered in CNC brushed nickle plating.

Under the hood lies a Magnuson supercharger, followed by a Kore-Fox Racing suspension and a Gibson exhausts coated in stainless steel. While the exterior and engine take center stage, the interior is a plush and decked out as an original. The seats are adorned by premium leather by Moore & Giles which feels more like a bed since the leather sits atop Tempurpedic foam. Finishing the deal are some really cool modern upgrades to the interior including tech savvy gadgets such as an iPad mini with Retina display, speakers from Focal and , amps provided by JL Audio.[/tps_header]

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