The Grooming Regime Done Right With ManCave

The Grooming Regime Done Right With ManCave

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#OwntheBathroom and obtain incomparable results with ManCave.

#OwntheBathroom and obtain incomparable results with ManCave.

The Man Cave, the place where all men completely disassociate themselves from the rest of the world (or the wife if she’s been a bit fussy). The place we can go when we just want to kick up our feet, open a cold one and watch the game. In this case, the cave has been given an overhaul of sorts, because grooming, like everything else important to guys, should be a top priority.

Inherently masculine, clean and modern, with a hint of male nostalgia, ManCave is an affordable luxury brand that’s vegan-friendly, free from harmful parabens, sulphates(SLS SLES), synthetic dye and petrochemicals and does not test on animals. It’s the culmination of a two-year painstaking development process, focused on replacing man-made chemicals with a precise amalgamation of natural ingredients where even distinctly possible. That said, the ManCave line up of grooming essentials is exactly that — essential — and here’s just a few of the goods on deck.

ShaveGel: It’s infused with a Pre-Shave treatment; imitating the soothing effects of a Pre-shave oil, and softens your beard while preparing skin for a close and comfortable shave. So guess what, your favorite razor glides across the surface of your skin while rich Cedarwood fragrance adds another dimension to the shaving experience.

Natural Face Moisturizer: Enriched with bioactives to create a soothing easily absorbed formula, which re-textures, rejuvenates and helps firm skin leaving a smooth shine-free finish. Caffeine stimulates your skin to help reduce appearance of fatigue, while organic Borage oil locks moisture into the cells defending against dryness throughout the day and night.

Facescrub: Formulated with natural actives and 12 Essential Oils. Fine granules of Olive Stone create a textured, creamy abrasion to coerce the dead skin and debris from your face, improving cell turnover and unveiling the new skin beneath. Vitamin-E keeps skin hydrated during the cleansing process, ensuring that as your old skin departs your new skin has a ‘gentle’ entrance to the world.

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